Volume 13 - Issue# 04 - Year 2023


Alfredo E Rodríguez

This year, 12 years are commemorated since I assumed as Editor-in-chief of the Argentine Journal of Interventional Cardioangiology (RACI). For years, we have seen its growth, which can be quantified. However, the acknowledgement received from our colleagues as well as the new generations of specialists’ growing interest in publishing are much more important. Today RACI has its...


The coronary stent: the rocket engine that launched con...
Gary S Roubin

If Andreas Gruentzig’s balloon catheter was the launchpad for coronary and vascular intervention, then the metallic stent was the rocket engine that thrust interventional cardiac and vascular therapies into orbit. Once confidence about the fate of metallic stents in the coronary arteries was established, the entire field flourished1. Rigorous evidence based outcomes were established by ...

Artículo Especial

Recommendations for adequate coronary revascularization
Arturo Fernández Murga y cols.

Coronary revascularization began during the last century with surgical procedures which evolved from indirect revascularization surgery Vineberg, etc.) to direct one (endarterectomy, bypass, etc.)(1).. Once established as a technique, it was compared with the medical treatment of that time(2), looking little by little for its place in the therapeutic arsenal. At the same time, angioplasty(3) ...

Artí­culo Original

A randomized pilot study of the Amicath® II microcathe...
Omar Santaera y cols.

The myocardial reperfusion via catheter is still the treatment chosen by patients with STEMI1, and LVEF in the long-term follow-up is the most efficient method of evaluating the prognosis in patients2. The impact of the microcirculation in these patients and their treatment is a challenge3. Prior studies with the treatment with adenosine systematically had promising results4,5. We conducted a...

Caso Clínico

Percutaneous closure of coronary-pulmonary fistula with...
Natalia Nóbile y cols.

The coronary fistulas are rare abnormalities, whose incidence varies between 0.1 and 0.2% of the patients to whom a cineangiocoronarygraphy1 is made. They are defined as abnormal communications between the coronary arteries and the cardiac chambers or great vessels. They are usually congenital malformations, although they can also be acquired after the cardiac surgery, thorax trauma, endo-myo...

Carta del Presidente

Letter from the President of CACI
Martín Cisneros

Dear colleagues, not only another year finishes, but also another management finalizes, in a country context where uncertainty controls the scenario and we are immersed in a very difficult situation regarding health. Professionals were forced to generate alerts, to get involved so that both patients and government become aware of the critical condition in which we find ourselves. Conside...


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